MENCKEL is a Swedish fashion brand founded in 2011. The company is run by Annika Menckel in close collaboration with designer Sanna Kvist. Two personalities with different backgrounds and experiences from the International and Swedish fashion scene – but with the same passion for details, design and fabrics. Annika brings to the label her experience from the Italian fashion industry where she studied and worked with design, sales and production. Sanna has made a name for herself in the Swedish fashion world by starting her own label, freelance assignments and as a teacher at Beckmans Collage of Design.

Individual style plays a leading role in MENCKELs design. The garments should be easy to match with both personality and everyday life without loosing their originality. The collections are defined by minimalism, inspired by classics and injected with unexptected contrasts. MENCKELs mission is to inspire people to take center stage and express their personality.

MENCKEL never makes a compromise when it comes to choice of fabrics, details, design and production.